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As a team, we are always looking for new and beneficial resources for our clients and prospects. While thinking of how else we can serve you, our semiannual magazine was born! Our whole team loves to read and stay current on relevant topics and we feel that this is a great way to share some of our knowledge with you! 

Click the photo to the left for the Fall 2020 Magazine! In this edition of our SA Piggush authored magazine, you will read about how we used our time in quarantine to evaluate and elevate your client experience, the breakdown of The 360 Formula®, how the much anticipated election affects your portfolio, and so much more!

Click the photo to the left for the Spring 2020 Magazine! In this edition of our magazine, you will see how financial planning is beyond the numbers for our team, read about how to maximize your retirement distributions, have access to our SA Piggush asset location sheet, and so much more.

The Fall 2019 Magazine is the launch of our semiannual magazine! Click the photo to the left and you will be able to read about what inspired us to launch the magazine, some insights on what we expect from the markets, ways to maximize your tax benefits and more.