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5 Year Anniversary

We are incredibly proud and thankful celebrate our 5-year anniversary on December 4th, 2020! 

It is pretty incredible and humbling to think back and reflect on those first days we announced our opening.  We started on card tables and folding chairs next door, as we made plans to build out, what is our current office. 

A lot has changed since we opened our doors, but the important things have not.  A silver lining of 2020 is just that – reminding us that the important things have never changed.  We are still in this for you, our clients.  We are still here to know your entire story and long-term plans.  We are still here to help you tune out the noise that has become louder than ever in 2020 and help you make informed, long lasting decisions.  We want you to go on living your lives and have confidence that we have you prepared for whatever might lie ahead. 

Thank you for your initial trust in us, and your continued trust in us.  Our standards have never been higher, and we are excited for what the next five, ten, fifteen, twenty years and beyond have in store! 

Cheers to five years!
Your Team at SA Piggush