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Meet Our Team

To be able to provide you with the planning that we know is essential, we have built a highly credentialed team equipped to guide you through our wealth management process and the challenges and questions that will arise over the years. While we cannot be all things to all people, we can be all things to the families we advise.

Each of us has specific talents that we bring to the team and responsibilities we lead for the team. We have found a way of working together seamlessly so that each client can feel our combined impact. Together we have not only the experience you will need, but also the designations to go along with it.



The RICP® prepares an advisor to help clients obtain a secure retirement. It equips advisors with the knowledge to effectively manage the transition from asset accumulation during a client’s working years to asset decumulation in retirement. RICP® enables the advisor to demonstrate tremendous value by delivering smart strategies for creating secure, sustainable income for a client’s retirement.

The RICP® delves deep to ensure an advisor knows the best practices in Social Security claiming, risk management, decumulation planning, distribution strategies, long-term care and healthcare needs, and more. It teaches relevant solutions to modern retirement income planning scenarios ranging from common to complex.

Overall, an advisor with this designation is trained to understand how to structure effective retirement income plans, how to mitigate risks to the plan and how to create a sustainable stream of income to last throughout a client’s retirement years.


The CFP® is recognized as the highest standard in personal financial planning and is considered one of the top generalist marks financial planners can earn. It covers everything regarding the financial planning process, the role and responsibilities of a financial planner, and analytical tools to aid in financial decision making.

The CFP® covers 72 topics and a broad scope of general financial planning principles, education planning, risk management and insurance planning, investment planning, tax planning, retirement savings and income planning, and estate planning. The CFP® shows that the advisor is qualified in financial and investment planning and they he/she provides an honest fiduciary service to their clients. This designation equips the advisor with the ability to create holistic long-term plans in order to meet your financial goals.


The CPFA was developed by some of the nation's leading advisors and retirement plan experts. It demonstrated an advisors expertise and commitment to working with retirement plans by acting as a plan fiduciary or help plan fiduciaries manage their roles and responsibilities.